TYPO3 Hotline

  • the first 10 minutes free of charge
  • further minutes cost 2,26 €/min. (VAT included)
  • minimum rate: 30 minutes for 67,80€ (VAT included)
  • for editors and administrators
  • via hotline or online

TYPO3 Hotline - a perfect addition to TYPO3 CMS

The TYPO3 hotline is a service we offer as free addition to the high-quality content management system TYPO3. The cms is available free of cost as well and depends on the non-paid work of capable voluntary contributors.

As we work professionally with TYPO3, amongst others in order to create attractive web sites and intranet solutions, we can provide the TYPO3 hotline only in a limited length of time for free.

The idea is: get an individual answer quickly via the TYPO3 hotline instead of searching for a long time via internet in forums and mailing lists. In most instances, questions will concern creating and editing content. Questions about the administration of the system can possibly be answered via the TYPO3 hotline as well, but this is usually more complex and therefore more time-consuming.

TYPO3 Hotline for You

You can reach us from Mondays to Fridays from 8.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. via telephone:

+49 (0) 177 835 7777

+ 49 (0) 451 48 97 83 38

Or you can send us your questions via e-mail:


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